Clients & Testimonials

“I am very thankful to Dawn for guiding me through the "golden years" of my 17-year-old dressage mare.  When the mare became persistently lame, Dawn encouraged me to work through the issues as opposed to retiring her and getting a new horse.  She correctly pinpointed the problem (long term incorrect shoeing) and advised on everything from veterinarian care and farrier to diet, training, saddle fitting and riding position adjustments.  Dawn maintains good relationships with the best equine professionals in the field and works hard on providing access to their services for her clients.  I firmly believe that she puts well-being of the horses first and strives to operate in the best interests of her clients. 
My mare and I now take weekly lessons with Dawn, as well as training on as-needed basis. My horse has never felt better and my riding is improving. I highly recommend Dawn as an instructor and a trainer.” – Anna Zhiltsova
Dawn has been a tremendous help to me.  She sits on both of my very challenging horses and makes them better and easier for me to ride.  As an instructor she keeps things fun, positive but always appropriately challenging.  She has always given me good, sound advice and has helped me advance with both of my horses.  Above all else I appreciate her generous and caring nature.  She really stands behind her students and wants them to succeed independently of her.” – Cathy Valentine
“Dawn Chamorro is an amazing trainer and instructor. She did a quick tune up to my mare Phaedra after she had a year of recovery from a torn Achilles tendon. Now we are taking weekly lessons with Dawn as well as her working with Phaedra. Dawn is very patient with students, and not just the students but also the horses in her care. We could not be any happier since finding Isabella Farms and working with Dawn! Everybody at the farm is friendly and supportive and it truly is a joy to spend time at this wonderful facility!” – Michelle McLees
“I would like to recommend Dawn Chamorro, Isabella Farms owner and co- trainer, to our area dressage folk. I am an eventer and trainer, certified through the USEA ICP program. I have recently started hauling my own competition horses to Isabella farms and Dawn has personally worked with me. I learned immediately she quickly assesses the horse's weaknesses and offers exercises to fill in the holes. She guides rider to use aides perfectly and she continually gauges the horse’s attitude making good suggestions to build a partnership. I have enjoyed top clinics that Dawn has hosted at Isabella Farms and there is no doubt she has the most beautiful dressage arena in Houston, and her viewing stands make you want to stay the entire day. Dawn is lighthearted and I always leave Isabella farm happier than when I drove in.” - Karen Trout Rainbow Hill Farm Brookshire TX

"I am very particular when it comes to choosing the right trainer for myself and my horses after weeding through some individuals whose methods were negative and questionable.  I can say with 100 % satisfaction that Dawn has been very knowledgeable and her methods are positive and produce great results. As a hunter/jumper rider I like that she can incorporate dressage movements that will help my horses scope over fences and flexibility and rhythm on the flat. I also have utilized her instruction techniques when I train my horses on my own and I already can tell 3 weeks later that my horses are less heavy on the forehand and more uphill. My daughter and I are now looking forward to also attending USDF shows in the future with her." - Tracy & Hilary Tandy