Bring It Back To Basics! 

Bring it back to basics 

I know we all strive to get to the top or we have our goals but sometimes in riding we get lost. We focus on where we want to be rather on where we are at. Slow down and enjoy the moments. 
Every little “trick” movement is based on our basics. Just because our horse can do a flying change or a half pass doesn’t mean it’s done correctly. The root of our training is based from the essential basics you train your horse to know. These basics must be continually schooled in order for…

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Riding Tip 

Never get to a point where your ego overrules your riding. First, you can learn from anyone. It is always beneficial to have someone on the ground no matter the level they ride. Their eyes see different things then you feel. Second, if you think you have learned everything then you have lost. Even the great riders of the world have continuing education. That's what keeps you sharp and consistent. Don't be afraid to ask for help or to proud to listen. You just might learn something. Last, don't ever think…

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Training and Consistency 

So I really love writing about my experiences and training. I feel the more I learn from so many people and horses, the more I can customize my training for each horse and their needs. One of the things I find so important in training is consistency. Here…. Let me explain. So you are having trouble with your horse, whether its with the contact, being forward, on the aids, whatever it may be….. I find that if you take more time you will experience great results. For myself, I see some horses over-faced with…Read more

The How-To's and Importance of Lateral Work 

So let’s start from the beginning. When you are starting a horse you can always introduce some basic lateral work to get your horse tuned into your aids. Lateral work is a necessity when it comes to training your horse. Your lateral work keeps your horse working on the hind end and listen to the aids. Just make sure before you start any lateral that you have a horse that is supple in it’s body and working forward. If you don’t have this the you will have to take smaller lateral movements to   loosen your…Read more

Goals of a Rider 

In this article I wanted to discuss the goals of a rider. I find that in the dressage sport people are very competitive against each other. Now this isn’t everyone but it is quite a few. Ask yourself this… Who are you riding for? It’s not your competitor. You are riding because you love it. You are riding for yourself! Now I’ll be the first to say that I do have a competitive side but when I’m on my horse I’m only competing against myself from the previous day. Whether I’m schooling at home or in the show…Read more

Positive Training with your Dressage Partner 

Over all the years I have been in the horse world I have experienced many types of horses. You have the young horses, the talented horses, the stubborn horses, the all around safe horses, and everything in between. I have had people ask me “How is it that you can connect with a horse and change their outlook on work?”. Well, I can’t with every horse but I certainly try.  
First, to really get a horse to want to work for you, you must understand common nature and instincts of a horse. You first need to…Read more